1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible Conversion

1969 Lincoln Continental Convertible

This 1969 Collectible Lincoln Convertible for sale has not been available since 2009.  The suicide or opera 4 door Lincoln convertible was not factory produced for the 1968 or 1969 model years.  Ford / Lincoln did initially plan for factory production of the four door Lincoln Continental convertible from 1961 all the way through the 1969 model year. However, tougher federal highway safety standards for 1968 caused Ford / Lincoln to decide to end factory production for the Lincoln Convertible in the 1967 model year.


This Collectible Lincoln Convertible for sale is one of only two known to exist and the only one to be on the road.  The only other 1969 styled convertible known to exist remains in a private collector car museum in North Carolina.  No Ford production of the 4 Door Convertible was offered for the 1968-1969 suicide door model years. A number of factors influenced Ford’s decision to cease production 2 years early.


This truly exceptional and Collectible Lincoln Convertible is a chance to own a piece of history for that particular collector enthusiast searching for a one of a kind vehicle.  Read the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club Article.

Collectible Lincoln Convertible for Sale