1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible for Sale

The last production suicide 4 door convertible was the ’67 model year. However, Lincoln Continental owner enthusiasts clamored for the convertible model for the last years of the suicide door unibody Continental, especially the particularly elegant and sophisticated and tasteful 1969 suicide door Continental. But Ford’s Lincoln Division did not offer that opportunity to buyers for the 1969 Continental.

The lack of a 1969 convertible raised the notion of conversion with a simple but important question, “What if one could create a 1969 Lincoln Continental Convertible?” So with decades of experience performing precision restoration work on Lincoln Continentals, a Lincoln enthusiast set out over a 5 year period and many hundreds of hours of labor and a total investment totaling upwards of nearly $90,000, to create the 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible for sale today to appear as a 1969 Lincoln Continental 4 door convertible. Simply outstanding.


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Rarity of a 69 Lincoln 4 Door Convertible

Official Ford Production Figures for 1961-1967 Lincoln Continental 4 Door Sedan Convertible:​

1961: 2,857

1962: 3,212

1963: 3,138

1964: 3,328

1965: 3,356

1966: 3,180

1967: 2,276

No Ford production of the 4 Door Convertible was offered for the 1968-1969 suicide door model years. A number of factors influenced Ford’s decision to cease production 2 years early. However, an extremely limited few were created and currently exist and noted below:

1968 [2 units styled as 1968 models (“Chase Cars”) for US Secret Service Presidential use, including one with running boards]


1969 [1 unit styled as a 1969 and documented by the Lincoln Continental Owners Club Article, see article (click here). One other is in a private museum in North Carolina – no other info avail.]

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Article documenting full history on vehicle as published by Continental Comments, the official international publication of the Lincoln and Continental Owners Club, (Nov/Dec 2002 Issue).

This California 1966 Lincoln Continental Convertible, purportedly had been used in the television series “Green Acres”. It was converted to fully appear as a 1969 Lincoln Continental Convertible sedan, and was completed over a 5 year period with tremendous focus, care and attention to original detail with precision finish work to body, electrical, interior, and mechanicals.